La Clef during the 'open-doors' period, 2022

La Clef Revival

is a ground-up initiative to preserve the last community-run cinema in Paris and promote collective action in film exhibition.

After we occupied La Clef for over two years to prevent its definitive closure, we realized the only way to save the cinema was to buy and run it ourselves.

And with your help, it’s possible!

Safeguarding a historic movie theater

After we were evicted from La Clef, we launched an effort to buy the cinema ourselves and reopen it to the public. We agreed on a price with the owner and already raised over €1.4 M through our endowment fund, Cinéma Revival – we’re almost there, and we need your support in the final metres!

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To create the cinema of our dreams

We wish to make La Clef into a communal space for cinema lovers, with participatory programming, a focus on lesser seen or self-produced films, pay-what-you-want pricing, frequent conversations and creative workshops with film professionnals… and much more!

Our project

With the support of many!

Not only did thousands of audience members and the press mobilize by our side to defend La Clef, but we can also count on the support of filmmakers — such as Martin Scorsese, John Carpenter, Céline Sciamma… — and artists, including David Lynch and Wang Bing, who donated art-work for a charity sale!

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